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Business Courses

Business Workshops

Business Workshops


Business language courses have long been the most popular in the enterprises. Business English is essential to better face the international markets, though it may not be enough to communicate with the emerging countries at nowadays.
So we extended the Business courses to languages ​​such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and we improved the classic courses ​​such as English, French, German and Spanish.
We believe that a preparation on the business specific terminology can contribute to the good output of trade relations between two different realities.

Our Business courses are:

- Top Business (45 hours): it is created for clients who need a continuing language learning in order to give the company staff the opportunity to learn / improve a foreign language and be able to carry out the work activities required by the entreprise.

- Business Work (30 hours): it is recommended for workers who want to know the specific lexicon of their activity. It's a full-immersion of terminologies (oral and written) together with a strong language in use activities.

- Business Speak (20 hours): exclusively course of business conversation for clients who already have a good fluency of the language.

For further information on programs and costs, contact us by email or phone!
  • Telephoning & Emailing: the course is created for those who need to improve their language skills in the field of communication by telephone and e-mail.
  • Presentations: the course  is created to improve the specific English vocabulary to make business presentations  effective, with a suitable use of the terminology.
  • Negotiations and Meetings: the course develops and improves the specific vocabulary of the international negotiations.


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