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Language Courses for Adults

Courses for language certifications


Multilingua's language courses are divided into different levels depending on the knowledge of the clinets so that you can follow the training of the participant. Usually students do a preliminary test and enter into groups which vary according to the different degrees of proficiency. The courses will be organized in a modern form, with the use of the best education systems and the use of suitable technologies.

We organize individual and group courses for the following languages​​:
English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.

Types of course:
- Professional Course (36 hours): this is the course for those who wish to arrive at an optimal level of language, in all its aspects. Strongly recommended to those who have to achieve results in the field of work or those who want to move from one country to another.

- Standard Course (24 hours): This is a comprehensive course that allows students to face with all the parts of learning such as grammar and conversation.
It is recommended for those who already possess the language basics and they need to improve it for interest or work. At the end of the course students will get a good fluency of the language.

- Quick Course (12 hours): This is an intensive course especially suited to those who already have a language basics or those who want an introduction to it. It is a great start to the knowledge of the language. 

- Speak UP (variable number of hours): Weekly meetings to converse in English on various topics chosen by the applicant together with native speakers.


• custom program,
• flexible hours, according to the customer's requirements,
• flexible duration of the course,
• lessons can be moved, only if the teacher has been notified 24 hours in advance,

For further information on programs and costs, contact us by email or phone!

Get ready to get certified international language!
A native speaker expert will prepare you to pass the exam you need.
Courses are valid for certification in
English, French, German and Spanish.
The Course of Italian language for foreigners via skype is a modern and successful way to learn Italian language.
We have been providing such service for long time and we allow foreign students to learn a beautiful and ancient language such as Italian.
We provide the material for free (papers) and you just need e webcam and a skype connection. Then we plan the days and times of lessons and we start!


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